Earthdayplans Green Care Farms

Earthdayplans green care farms goal in five years

Earthdayplans Green Care Farms five year goal stating from 2011 to be worldwide care programs of green care farms there the meek ones themselves will possess , as they providing services for the lowly ones, and for protecting the senior no matter where they live .

Earthdayplans Green Care Farms

Creating Living Parks

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· Adult Day Care services—mild-tempered ones will watch over senior loved ones for a set, scheduled time while the caregiver is temporarily unavailable. This relieves the caregiver while they are at work, running errands - or just simply need a rest from their day-to-day care giving responsibilities.

Alert Systems
are helping to assist with 24/7 senior care. Medical Alert Systems are alarms that are designed to immediately notify emergency services and medical personnel in the event of an accident in the home of a senior or other medical emergency.

· Enjoy your life Again …

· We used to worry about Dad all the time. Now, we all can enjoy life a litter bit more. Earthdayplans Green care Farms is Looking forward to work with  Philips consumer Products like Philips medical alert systems.

Assisted Living communities are for persons who need help with daily living activities but do not require nursing home care. Typically they provide help with meals, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, and other needs. Services are either included in the rent or provided at an extra charge.

Bathroom Remodeling and Home Modifications can provide physical adaptation to the home which can make living and "aging in place" easier. Installing a walk in tub, converting a tub to a shower, adding grab bars, installing ramps, handrails, chair lifts, etc can allow safe access to and ease of use to the individual's primary living space, bathroom, kitchen, or main exit/entrance to the home.

Case Management or Care Coordination Care Coordinators or Case Managers can be useful when making decisions about a seniors care. These professionals have developed knowledge of the industry and the wide variety of options that may suit a senior's need. They can be available to help assess the needs of a onetime decision, or move; or help communicate and guide family members through many decisions regarding care of a loved one.

Companion Care Agencies can provide: companionship, personal shopping, light housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, errand running, etc.

Continuing Care retirement communities offer a comprehensive continuum of care. You may enter at any care level but often seniors move to one of these communities to enjoy an independent, active lifestyle. Should the need arise for assistance with living, memory supportive care, rehabilitation or even skilled nursing on a temporary or long-term basis; those needs can be met within the same community. Choosing a community that offers a continuum of care can be a good choice for couples whose needs may vary.

Elder Law and Legal Services Elder Law is a specialty practice of law for seniors, covering estate planning, wills, trusts, arrangements for care, social security and retirement benefits, and other senior specific legal assistance.

Financial Planning, Insurance Products and Reverse Mortgages offer a variety of guidance that can include: Retirement Planning, Long Term Care Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Death Benefit Insurance, Expense planning and budgeting, reverse mortgage review, long term care planning, estate planning, etc. all with seniors in mind.

Funeral Planning and Cremation Services whether it's inquiring about a pre-arranged funeral, an immediate need or to find out more information on cremation and casket options, the following services are here for you in your time of grief.

Government Benefits and Nonprofit Agencies Find more information on senior benefits or government programs that assist seniors. Also included are non-profit agencies that provide aid to seniors for little to no cost.

Health Care Agencies or Medical Home Healthcare Agencies require a state license to operate. These agencies can allow a senior to receive facility like care in their own home. Services provided can include: in-home CNA's, physical therapy, occupational therapy, administration of medication and other medical care approved by your doctor.

Home Care Agencies or NonMedical Homecare Agencies may require a license depending on your state's requirements. These agencies could offer a range of services including: companion care services, assistance with bathing, incontinence care, mobility assistance, dressing and grooming, transferring and positioning, oral hygiene, feeding, etc...

Hospice Care Agencies provide relief to terminally ill patients while attending to the emotional needs of their family at an inpatient facility or at the patient's home.

Independent Living communities are for seniors desiring a leisurely, hassle-free lifestyle. Choices include active retirement communities, apartments, condos, or garden homes offering some extra services and features that many retirees would especially enjoy or find helpful.

Maintenance Free Homes includes homes, condominiums, townhomes, active retirement communities and manufactured homes typically sold as deeded real estate for independent living. Often maintenance free homes are referred to as villas, patio homes, carriage homes or townhomes. Retirees and pre-retirees are interested in these options to enjoy their free time with travel and recreation rather than on housing and maintenance.

Medical Equipment, Hearings Aids and Visual Products For all senior needs, these products can assist with living at home. Made for in home use and care, the products found here will make every day functions easier and more comfortable including health monitoring equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, wound dressing supplies, shower chairs, commodes, incontinence products, back supports and much more can be found here. Also included here are products for senior hearing and senior visual aids.

Medical Services, Clinics, Physicians and Dentists Find Health Professionals that will care for senior health. Medical Services, Clinics, Physicians and Dentists that specialize in senior health . You'll find doctors specializing in geriatrics, hearing, vision, Oncology, Orthopedics.

Mobility Products give seniors the ability to remain independent by staying mobile. These include: Stair Lifts, Wheelchairs, Scooters, Walkers, Power Chairs, Electric Wheelchairs, Standard Wheelchairs, Ramps.

harmacy Services and Dietary Supplements Find senior friendly local pharmacies. Also included in this product category are senior diet information and senior dietary supplements that improve and assist in maintaining senior health.

Realtor Services, Moving Services, Packing Services and Downsizing Services Whether you are looking to sell your home, move items into storage or just organize your home for ease - the advertisers in this section will be able to assist. Seniors looking to organize, downsize or sell their home.

Rehabilitation Care communities offer treatment or treatments designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury, illness, or disease to as normal a condition as possible. These rehab services are provided on a short-term or long-term basis.

Respite Care communities offer temporary or short term stay care solutions. This service is intended to give caregivers or adult children a well deserved break from their daily responsibilities of caring for an older adult. The length of a respite stay can vary from 2 days up to more than a full month.

Restaurants, Entertainment, Shopping and Transportation Looking for senior friendly activities, food and entertainment, senior activities, restaurants, shopping and activities for seniors this is the goal after five years of growing 20 billion fruit trees by having Walk-A-Thons to create green care farms for the senior and to creating living parks along bike trails and along the streams  seniors are able to work together with the youth , working with wildlife live stock , activity that is long lasting, for young and old. Were Earthdayplans provides land and seeds were they each earn 25% from their produce  after cost from the plants and from the live stock. After cost 5% will go to Earthdayplans business proposals, 30% for the lowly ones, 30%  to creating living parks farms,  and 10% to look after orphans and widows and they will be offered a place on the farms were they could earn 25% from their produce after cost.   The overseers will be Helping your LIFE TO THE FULLEST...INDEPEDENTLY  the overseers are the mild-tempered ones , not the glory seekers, but the meek ones adhering to divine moral qualities since they will inherit the farms for Helping each one LIFE TO THE FULLEST...INDEPEDENTLY.


Earthdayplans green care goal is to be established in five years stating from Jan. 2011 as a health green care business. By each one of the 20 million that come of our
web site that would be over 20 million that could help by planting 1000 fruit trees from seed along the streams and bike trails and in 2016 the fruit trees and if each one could give 5% to earthdayplans from the produce of the fruit of the trees. We could provide this green care farm service in each area were the fruit trees are growing were the seniors could earn 25% from the produce as they pick the fruit to have the youth work as a group with the school could earn 25% from the sale and help green care farm service more worldwide. By having divine moral qualities lead this business moves us to dedicated ourselves to helping the older adult live life to the fullest...independently. Earthdayplans Green Care Farm goal of furnished in-home personal care also with the help 5% from the produce of the fruit trees, and thanks to the willing helpers could earn 25% from the produce of the fruit trees.


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Maintenance Free Homes includes homes, condominiums, townhomes, active retirement communities and manufactured homes typically sold as deeded real estate for independent living. Often maintenance free homes are referred to as villas, patio homes, carriage homes or townhomes. Retirees and pre-retirees are interested in these options to enjoy their free time with travel and recreation rather than on housing and maintenance.